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Astrotourism is travelling to Dark-Sky sites for astronomical observation activity using astronomical equipment. Dark-Sky sites are located in areas with less or not light pollution. The project aims to promote 4 astrotourist sites using astronomy in the V4 countries through the create a common brand astrotourism products.
Project promotes the innovation astro-tourism. The aim is to create a common brand product astro tourism V4 countries, which will complement the tourist offer. Exchange of experience and knowledge in fields related to astronomy will improve the competitiveness of V4 countries.

Within the project are scheduled the following activities:
 1. Project Promotion: setting up and updating a project profile on Facebook, creating   promotional materials, setting up and updating a project website.
2. Promotion of places associated with astro-tourism: preparation of standardized descriptions of the places associated with astro tourism in V4 group and  posting on the partners websites, study visits to places associated with astro tourism in the V4 countries, print promotional publication.
3. Organization of four events at each country to promote places associated with astro-tourism in the V4 Group.

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